10 great things to do while on Fresh Island Festival - Fresh Island
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10 great things to do while on Fresh Island Festival

With summer practically knocking on our door, it is important to organise your festival vacation and activities. If you are joining us for the week of vibes and music at Fresh Island Festival 2022, you will be glad to hear what our beautiful festival location on the island of Pag has to offer. It will make your Fresh Island adventure an unforgettable one!


  • Boat Party 

Ain’t no party like a boat party. Seriously, enjoying great music while cruising on the waves of the Adriatic, soaking up the sun and watching how the sea and the sky are connecting is the feeling you cannot miss. This year’s festival is offering 3 boat parties that are departing from the Novalja city centre. Check out our socials for the Boat party announcement!


  • Try local cuisine and wine


The Island of Pag is famous for its local Mediterranean cuisine. seafood and a great selection of wine. While you are there make sure to try some of the local specialities like Buša carpaccio, a pure filet of blue Adriatic fish oiled with roses and olives, figs, olive oil, and famous Pag lamb and cheese. Don’t miss wine tasting in some of the great wineries like Boškinac. https://www.boskinac.com



  • Adrenaline rush with bungee jumping


If you are ready for some real adrenaline boost it will be easy to find it at Fresh Island festival. Located on the Zrće beach, only a few meters away from the sea you can be lifted to 30 meters in the air for an incredible jump, during the day and the night! You can take a look at the whole Zrće beach from there, see the party crowd and come down to join them, you just have to jump first.


  • Water sports at the beach


If you are a fan of water sports activities Zrće is a perfect place for you. It offers a variety of options such as Wakeboarding, Flyboarding, tube and banana riding, jet ski, and parasailing (a combination of sailing and parachuting). Pag Bay is particularly popular among wind and kite surfers, due to the ideal combination of winds.



  • Chilling at the beach


Island of Pag offers a great selection of beautiful beaches where you can just relax, chill and enjoy the sun and the sea. Zrće is a central beach located two kilometres from Novalja, and Fresh Island festival is taking place over there. It is a mecca for party-enthusiasts, but it also offers a lot of beach activities if you are up for that. Gajac is a planned apartment community two kilometres away from Novalja, with its beach stretching several hundred meters on the coast. Metajna is a little picturesque village offering two great beaches, Ručica and Beritnica. Caska beach is located in the same bay as and in close vicinity of Zrće beach. It is a beautiful sand beach, so make sure to check it out.



  • Discover Pag’s Bermuda Triangle


On a deserted hill off of Pag’s road 106, a bizarre phenomenon was discovered in 1999: a three-sided formation of unusual stone patterns stretching 30 metres across. Attracting UFO investigators, seekers of alternative forms of energy and curious tourists is this so-called Pag Bermuda Triangle. Its stones differ significantly in shape and character to the millions of rocks strewn across the Pag landscape, but how they got there is a mystery. Visitors will need a sturdy pair of boots and an intrepid sense of adventure because Pag’s Bermuda Triangle is a fair trek from the signposted turn-off.


  • See Island of Pag by quad bike


Driving a quad bike is one of the best, and most fun, ways to experience Pag’s moon-like terrain. 



  • Attend infamous Fresh Island’s pool party


From the beach, straight to the dance floor! With your VIP table and cold drinks ready and waiting for you, be prepared for a party you would have never imagined possible. The pool party “after beach” sessions start around 3 pm and finish at 8 pm and they are signature 



Novalja’s promenade stretches for the entire width of the town, providing excellent walks in a morning or evening. Start at the beach and walk the entire length of the promenade, where you’ll find market stalls, bars, restaurants, performers and pretty views of the yachts and tourist boats in the marina. We recommend walking the promenade at sunset for some breath-taking views!



If you’re staying in Novalja for a while and are interested in checking out the nearby towns, cities and national parks, the following areas are excellent day trips from the town. You can either rent a car and drive there and back yourself or book an organised tour bus. Some locations are also served by the local bus service.

  • Pag Town – A pretty town just down the road from Novalja that provides a more local atmosphere. Enjoy an ice cream by the marina and go for a long walk.
  • Zadar – A stunning coastal town with a long promenade and some excellent architecture. Spend your day here wandering the old streets, enjoying a drink with a view of the marina or gift shopping.
  • Plitvice Lakes – As one of the most impressive sites in the whole of Croatia, Plitvice National Park is a vast collection of lakes, forests and waterfalls. A must-see for anyone!
  • Kornati Islands – Book a full day excursion to the nearby Kornati Islands for a day of snorkelling, exploring and relaxing on quiet beaches