Full week of pool parties, day & night parties and boat parties just for you and your crew! You ready?

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Pre parties

Because 3 days is just not enough!

Pool parties

Our infamous pool parties are not a myth! Everyone needs a splash of water and a pool nearby to get the vibes going. Why not do it with a cocktail in your hand and your favourite DJs on decks? Sounds about right.

Night parties

Our main headliner performance events are saved for nighttime and keeping everyone on their toes until 6 am is our specialty.

After parties

To finish it off the right way, after party day is here as a cherry on top after an amazing week. There’s always some more energy left for a good party.


Boat parties

Be quick! Our boat parties are usually sold out by June, which is an explanation for itself. Unforgettable. Middle of the sea. Unlimited vibes. No other words needed, right?